What's Happening Here at Helmart

New Stuff During this Holidays Season.....

For One thing - Ready Line Gun Range by One Shot, in Newtown has been a pleasure to work on.

Tim @ TDM Cabinets, Bret Souders @ Bret Souder Woodworking, and the folks @ One Shot, Chris, Gail, and Bob have given us a chance to work on the one of a kind Gun Shop, Lounge and Firing range. One of the largest in the area.  Opening December 28th... Take a shot at going to One Shot's Ready Line Range!!!!!!!! Look for construction pics soon.

Zodiaq Simplification  
DuPont has been working to strengthen the Zodiaq brand and make it easier for you to do business with us. Two of the recent changes include:
  • Simplifying the Zodiaq portfolio to its core colors - As you may have heard from your Zodiaq fabricator, 15 colors have been removed from the Zodiaq palette. This will reduce backorders and focus your customers on the most popular Zodiaq colors.
  • New, Simplified Pricing - DuPont has decided to offer the entire Zodiaq palette at a single, competitive price point!

We want to apologize for any inconvenience to our Customer,s , when our big saw was down for repair today.
We appreciate your Patience, and Understanding!!!

I would like to express our deepest condolences to The Alley/Lichtenfeld Family with the passing of Tim Alley this passed week.

The Alleys are a great, warm & generous, Family, and I (Jeff) am proud to be related to them.

They have taken a devistating loss, as Tim Alley had passed in his sleep this passed week.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

God Bless!!

We appreciate having the pleasure to work with Tim, Linda, and Their Customer on this Fabulous New Home. I will be posting some new pictures in my Photo section soon. THANKS AGAIN!!!!

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Hi Becky
Yes we do Viatera Quartz Products
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Do you have Clarino quartz? How much is it a square foot? Thanks!

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I would like to make an appointment to visit your showroom to view selections.

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I am interested in getting an estimate for kitchen countertops