Steve & Gina's Sunny Cabana

And Now Presenting The Pooooool House!!!

Beleive it or not I have known Steve since he was a little red headed sports nut of probably 8 years old. Our parents are close frends, and we used to go on many vacations together.

So imagine my surprise to see Him now after 30 years, and be asked to work with him on His Pool House. I was estatic.

Yes , a Beautiful Cabana by His pool so he can watch his favorite sports of the Pool House Wall.

Yip, Steve  still loves his sports,

and especially Baseball which we both share a particular fondness of.

Oh Yeah, Gina, and the rest of The Family Like the Pool area also... Sorry Gina : )

He and his lovely wife, Gina, were awesome to work with. (Sucking Up Now)

But Seriously of coarse, It was great to see him, and be a part of his back yard project.

Thanks Steve & Gina!!!!!!!!!!!

You Start with an Idea
You make it a Reality
Then You Lounge the Summer Days & Nights away...
American Dream, what can I Say!
Congrats Gina & Steve!!

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Do you have Clarino quartz? How much is it a square foot? Thanks!

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I would like to make an appointment to visit your showroom to view selections.

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I am interested in getting an estimate for kitchen countertops